About the Contest

Each year, the cycle of tea harvesting brings forth teas with varying intrigue. Each individual tea within the classes below may change in flavor, aroma, euphoric affects, or liquor in the cup from one year to the next. The effects of terroir, weather and processing may change a single tea dramatically — one year being outstanding, the next year barely a distinct memory. The contest is held in the fall, and the winning tea is announced in early January.

Dobra Tea US LLC has established this contest to expand the love and appreciation for this delightful beverage so that tea enthusiasts have the opportunity to learn about tea and increase their knowledge of this most popular of drinks. If you have specific questions on any tea, please inquire at your local tearoom.

Prizes include gift certificates to your tearoom of choice during the nomination phase, and additional gift certificates awarded during the final two voting rounds.

If you are having troubles viewing the form below, you can enter your nominations here.